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hacker +‎ -ish



hackerish (comparative more hackerish, superlative most hackerish)

  1. (informal) Resembling or characteristic of a hacker (technically skilled computer enthusiast).
    • 1985, Byte magazine (volume 10)
      The hackerish look of dot-matrix fonts on screens and printers has partially prevented full acceptance of computers as tools for a literate public.
    • 1990, Dr. Dobb's journal of software tools for the professional programmer‎
      Jones is an engineer, and presented the engineering approach as the more hackerish, the more ad hoc of the two: Solve the problem no matter what.
    • 2009, Damien Stolarz, David Jurick, Adam Stolarz, William Hurley, iPhone Hacks: Pushing the iPhone and iPod Touch Beyond Their Limits
      There is a rich, hackerish tradition in the computer world of making any new computer or video game system emulate those that came before it.
    • 2013, Joanna Biggs, "Tell me everything", London Review of Books, vol. 35, no. 7:
      Facebook’s unencumbered, efficient, agile, hackerish style is to make everything seem ‘easy’ – and when you need, in one of Zuckerberg’s favourite phrases, to ‘move fast and break things’, you just shrug.
  2. (computing, informal) Resembling or characteristic of a hacker (malicious user who breaks into computer systems).
    • 1995, Lance Rose, NetLaw: your rights in the online world‎
      ...requires users to disclose new and useful information on computer and network security or other hackerish subjects to be admitted to the privileged areas of the system.
    • 2006, Wally Wang, Steal this computer book 4.0: what they won't tell you about the Internet
      To find a hacker chat room, look for rooms with names like #2600, #phreak, #carding, #cracks, #anarchy, or any other phrase that sounds hackerish.