hall of mirrors

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hall of mirrors (plural halls of mirrors)

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  1. A carnival attraction with curved mirrors that distort the viewer's appearance.
  2. (video games, uncountable) A glitch in some three-dimensional games where a missing texture prevents part of the scene from being rendered correctly, causing a trail of previously rendered frames to appear instead.
    • 1994, "Josh Pearson", DOOM hall of mirrors effect (in newsgroup bit.listserv.games-l)
      Does anyone know about the Hall of Mirrors effect in the game of DOOM? I have recently been making my own levels of doom and in some places the hall of mirrors effect is in full effect. It happens especially in my biggest rooms that are very complex.
    • 2000, "Brains", 3dfx 1.0.1 + Voodoo3/2k + Quake 1 = blergh (in newsgroup comp.sys.mac.games.action)
      Quake 1, on the other hand, wouldn't run properly. Quake 1 1.09 3dfx failed to load, and Quake 1 1.09 RAVE was just ... wierd[sic]. Video adjustment was almost non-existent, and no matter what settings I chose (trashing Prefs and the texture cache between attempts) I either got a lock-up, or the screen wouldn't change resolution, or if I called up the Options from the main menu I would see nothing, and when the startup demo was running, it was all 'hall of mirrors' stuff. Completely unusable.