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hammer +‎ stone


hammerstone (plural hammerstones)

  1. (archaeology) A type of stone used to hit or strike in a similar way to a modern-day hammer.
    • 2001 March 2, Stanley H. Ambrose, “Paleolithic Technology and Human Evolution”, in Science[1], volume 291, number 5509, DOI:10.1126/science.1059487, pages 1748-1753:
      Striking a hand-held isotropic block or cobble (a core) with a hammerstone initiates a cone-shaped crack at roughly 60° from the axis of force, exemplified by the hole in a plate glass window made by a pellet gun (18, 19 ).
    • 1905, Andrew Lang, The Clyde Mystery[2]:
      On the other hand, in the same crannog, a hammerstone broken in two was found, each half in a different place, as were two parts of a figurine at Dumbuck.