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Alternative forms[edit]


harbor +‎ -age


harborage (plural harborages)

  1. (US, nautical) A place for refuge for a vessel.
  2. (US, law) A condition on land favorable to infestation by animals considered pests.
    • 2016, Jersey City, N.J. Code of Ordinances § 254-43. - Maintenance of exterior of premises
      A. The exterior of the premises and all structures thereon shall be kept free of all nuisances, unsanitary conditions and fire or safety hazards in the public areas and any of the foregoing shall be removed and abated promptly by the owner or manager.
      B. Without limiting the generality of Subsection A, the maintenance includes: . . . (3) Keeping the premises free of conditions conducive to infestation by vermin or insects, such as rodent harborages or stagnant water, and other known sources of infestation.
    • 1997, Eastern Consolidation & Distribution Servs., Inc. v. Bd. of Comm'rs of Hampden Twp., 701 A.2d 621, 624 (Pa. Commw. Ct. 1997) (Jiuliante, J., writing for a unanimous court)
      Even with little notice of the meeting at which Waste Management's application was approved, Appellants' attorney appeared and presented documents describing problems with the proposed plan, including concerns relating to traffic, pollution and flooding, and problems with potential insect, rodent, and bird harborage and attraction to the site.