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hard disc (plural hard discs)

  1. (Britain) Alternative spelling of hard disk
    • 1989, Doig Simmons and Linda Reynolds, Computer Presentation of Data in Science, page 23:
      To store immense amounts of valuable data on one hard disc is courting trouble.
    • 1991, M. H. Beilby, R. D. Harding and M. R. Manning, Scientific Programmer's Toolkit: Turbo Pascal Edition, page 1:
      A hard disc is both much larger, and very much faster, than any floppy.
    • 2008, Thomas Thomson, Leon Abelmann and Hans Groenland, “Magnetic Data Storage: Past, Present and Future”, in Magnetic Nanostructures in Modern Technology, page 237:
      We will start with current systems, such as longitudinal hard disc and tape.