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haulee (plural haulees)

  1. A person or thing that is hauled or lifted.

Related terms[edit]


  • 1985, Thomas M. Paikeday, Noam Chomsky, The native speaker is dead!: an informal discussion of a linguistic myth[1], Paikeday Pub.:
    Haulee, noun.
    "'Bizarre' and 'normal' remind me of the classic scenario of someone being hauled off to the insane asylum and an argument starts about who is insane and who is normal — hauler or haulee?"
  • 1943, Captain M.E.W. North, Some artificial methods of tree-climbing[2], The Ibis, Volume 85:
    Haulee, noun.
    "Then, holding myself in position by grasping the part of the rope that falls from the other side of the fork, I unclip the loop round the trunk and let it swing clear. Next, combining the roles of hauler and haulee, I climb up, hand over hand using irons as much as possible, until I am right under one of the dividing limbs of the fork."