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haul +‎ -er


hauler (plural haulers)

  1. A person or thing that hauls another person or thing.
    Antonym: haulee
    • 1943, Captain M.E.W. North, Some artificial methods of tree-climbing[1], The Ibis, Volume 85:
      Hauler, noun.
      "Then, holding myself in position by grasping the part of the rope that falls from the other side of the fork, I unclip the loop round the trunk and let it swing clear. Next, combining the roles of hauler and haulee, I climb up, hand over hand using irons as much as possible, until I am right under one of the dividing limbs of the fork."
    • 1985, Thomas M. Paikeday, Noam Chomsky, The native speaker is dead!: an informal discussion of a linguistic myth[2], Paikeday Pub.:
      Hauler, noun.
      "'Bizarre' and 'normal' remind me of the classic scenario of someone being hauled off to the insane asylum and an argument starts about who is insane and who is normal — hauler or haulee?"
  2. A person or company engaged in the haulage of goods.
    Synonym: haulier
  3. A miner who hauls coal from the coalface to the bottom of the shaft.
  4. A truck, lorry (vehicle used to transport heavy goods)
    Synonyms: cart, trailer
  5. (Internet) Someone who makes a haul video.
    • 2016, Aaron Duplantier, Authenticity and How We Fake It: Belief and Subjectivity in Reality TV, Facebook and YouTube, McFarland (→ISBN), page 132
      The majority of a haul video's content, however, is dedicated to the “haul” itself: meaning, these users' recent purchases. And an entire wing of YouTube is occupied by these videos, some with remarkably high viewership. Haulers will go through their purchased goods one-by-one, placing them near the camera so viewers can see the details in each object, and often making observations and recommendations as they go along. Within YouTube's haul discourse, there remain two []

Derived terms[edit]