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he +‎ bitch


he-bitch (plural he-bitches)

  1. (slang, offensive) A man who behaves obnoxiously or promiscuously; a male bitch.
    • 1931, Rhys Davies, A Pig in a Poke[1], page 264:
      I am a bad old she-bitch, am I? [] And what about how you are a he-bitch?
    • 1967, Gertrude Samuels, The People vs. Baby[2], page 158:
      The little matter of he-bitches wasn't listed in the "Handbook."
    • 1974, Witter Bynner, Journey with Genius[3], →ISBN, page 151:
      You're being a he-bitch! Can't a woman love her children? She's no fool for that!