hen night

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Alternative forms[edit]


hen night (plural hen nights)

  1. A party held for a woman who is about to be married, normally attended only by female friends and relatives.
    • 2001, Karen S Smith, Up To No Good, 2004, Black Lace, London, unnumbered page,
      This was what a hen night should be: just a group of good friends getting together to enjoy unpretentious fun away from other people’s eyes.
    • 2006, Yasmin Mills, How to Party, RoofTop Publishing, Indiana, page 47,
      Plan an unforgettable hen night to show your girlfriends how much you appreciate them.
    • 2007, Nicola Chalk, Because of You, Vanguard Press, UK, page 114,
      “Why he is[sic] out on a hen night?” Denise asked as soon as we all arrived and met up at the Hotel. “He looks like a man to me.”
    • 2009, David Nicholls, One Day, unnumbered page,
      The hen night is for Rachel, the thinnest and most mean-spirited of his wife’s friends, and a hotel suite has been hired for the sleepover, complete with a handsome cocktail waiter to use as they see fit.
    • 2011, Jo Berry, Katy Perry: California Gurl, unnumbered page,
      Then, Katy’s pal, singer Rihanna, let slip where the actual nuptials were taking place. She told a US radio DJ that she had her work cut out for her, planning a hen night for her friend with a theme to tie in with an Indian wedding.