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From the name Herbert.


herbert ‎(plural herberts)

  1. (slang, punk subculture) A working-class youth.
    • 2000, John King, Human punk
      ...everything was busy now with the usual mix of herberts, and because this was Brunel University there was a lot of students, the sort who wouldn't normally go see a punk band...
    • 2007, Bobby Smith, Margaret Oshindele-Smith, One Love Two Colours
      Because of my appearance, I was accosted by a couple of spotty herberts on the way...
    • 2007, Paul Marko, The Roxy London WC2: A Punk History
      I was a proto-hippy in '66 - '67 and by about August '67 the bandwagon jumpers, the media and all manner of assorted herberts had turned up to spoil everything.