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Blend of hick +‎ hipster


hickster (plural hicksters)

  1. (Can we clean up(+) this sense?) A hick who attempts to be hip (that is, to be a hipster).
    • 1960, William Garland Rogers, Mildred Weston, Carnival crossroads: the story of Times Square:
      Hawk-eyed bus-tour agents mounting watch at the intersections, flaunting printed signs tucked in the bands of their visored caps to advertise their business, claim they can spot the hickster nine times out of ten.
    • 2006, T. Davis Bunn, Heartland:
      “You there, hickster! Stop gawking! We're on the clock here! Tick, tick, time is money in Gotham.
    • 2007, Sam Moffie, Swap:
      He was cool as ice, and he knew it. "All right then, hickster," said the tough. "Hickster?" Sheldon said to himself.