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From hinder +‎ -some.


hindersome (comparative more hindersome, superlative most hindersome)

  1. Causing hinderance or setback; impeding; contrary; adverse; problematic
    • 1915, Oscar Micheaux, The Forged Note: A Romance of the Darker Races:
      In the days of old, and even yet, the white man's prejudice was very hindersome; but, as time has wore on, and the races have come to expect each other as they know they will be, [...]
    • 1970, A. Hoogerwerf, Udjung Kulon: The Land of the Last Javan Rhinoceros:
      [...] Rappard remarked with regard to the starlings in the Baluran area that their activities were considered hindersome by the banteng.
    • 2005, Patricia J. Williams, Open House:
      When she donned that magical cloak, her hindersome African ancestors became invisible; they disappeared as though by the wave of a wand.
    • 2012, G. Thomas-Lycklama-Nijeholt, On the Road for Work:
      Another hindersome problem is the lack of awareness among the American public about poverty in the rural areas: [...]
    • 2013, Carla Killough McClafferty, Fourth Down and Inches:
      Only by such radical action can university and college life be rid of an obsession, which, it is believed, has become as hindersome to the great mass of students as it has proved itself harmful to academic standing, and dangerous to human life.
    • 2014, Gavin Wood, The Fate of the Jacobite Grenadiers:
      The sea was choppy but not hindersome. And there was no sign of enemy ships out on the water.
    • 2015, Pierre Falzon, Cognitive Ergonomics:
      Metaphors can, as well as transfer from prior knowledge, be either helpful or hindersome. Metaphors that are relevant and valid for the task to be performed as well as familiar to the user are helpful.