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Probably from French historicité,[1] or from Latin historicus +‎ -ity.[2] Equivalent to historic +‎ -ity.



historicity (usually uncountable, plural historicities)

  1. Historical quality or authenticity based on fact.
    The historicity of minor political figures of this period is often hard to establish due to a dearth of sources.
  2. (philosophy) The characteristic of having appeared or developed in history, as opposed to being natural or universal.
    This particular school places great emphasis on the historicity of ideas, practices, or institutions.
    • 2017, Francis Chia-Hui Lin, Architectural Theorisations and Phenomena in Asia, page 194:
      A superficial impression of Asia may be of disorder, whereas this condition is in fact the immediate historicity that speaks for an undertheorised heteroglossia.


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