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hit point ‎(plural hit points)

  1. (chiefly role-playing games) A unit of damage, used to specify the amount of damage a character can withstand before it is defeated.
    • 1984, InCider, volume 2, page 60:
      You can bestow keys, gems, torches and powders, and restore gold, food and hit points. Hit points and experience points can be increased to a maximum of 9999, although you'd better be careful.
    • 1986, Microtimes, volume 3, page 86:
      All characters have "hit points" that increase as they traverse the dungeon performing their brave deeds (unless they're smitten by some monster).
    • 2005, Bill Slavicsek, Dungeons & Dragons For Dummies[1], page 78:
      Damage reduces the monster's hit points; if the monster's hit points drop to 0, it's defeated.
  2. (computer graphics) In ray tracing, the point in a scene at which a ray strikes an object.
    • 1991, David F. Rogers, State of the Art in Computer Graphics: Visualization and Modeling[2]:
      The in/out status for the hit point is determined by examining the loop which has the subelement (edge or vertex) closest to the hit point.