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From Old Norse hlakka, from Proto-Germanic *hlakkōną.


hlakka (weak verb, third-person singular past indicative hlakkaði, supine hlakkað)

  1. to make the sound of an eagle
  2. used in set phrases
    Ég hlakka til jólanna!
    I can't wait for Christmas!

Usage notes[edit]

  • This verb is used personally except in the phrase hlakka í where it is impersonal.
  • The verb hlakka is one of several personal verbs—such as kvíða (to be anxious), finna (to feel, to sense) and kenna til (to feel pain)[1]—that have come to be used impersonally (possibly since most impersonal Icelandic verbs denote feeling, the senses or some evaluation).[1] Because of this, using This means that using the subject in the accusative or dative instead of in the nominative is a common mistake:
    Mig hlakkar til veislunnar.
    Mér hlakkar til veislunnar.
    Ég hlakka til veislunnar.
    I look forward to the party.


Derived terms[edit]