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Formed as hobo +‎ sexual, punning on homosexual; compare hobohemia and metrosexual.


hobosexual (plural hobosexuals)

  1. A person sexually attracted to “tramps” (as a paronomastic synonym of hobo).
    • 1993, David A. Rudnitsky, Men Who Hate Themselves and the Women Who Agree with Them, pages 160–161
      You’re a hobosexual — do you hear me! — a hobosexual! A man who can only get excited by women who are real tramps‼
  2. Punning on bum (as a synonym of hobo).
    • 2004, Billoo Badhshah, The Unofficial Joke Book of Couples, page 40
      “Your Honor,” the young man said, “I just can’t live with my wife anymore. She’s a hobosexual.”
      “Just one moment,” interrupted the judge. “Don’t you mean homosexual?”
      “I mean hobosexual. You see, my wife’s a bum lay.”
    • 2004, Kuldeep Saluja, The Unofficial Joke Book of South Africa, page 48
      “I never knew much about this boy’s father. He came through here, courted me and we got married. Soon afterwards I found out he was a hobosexual.”
      “You mean homosexual,” came the correction.
      “No, sir, I mean hobosexual. He was just a no-good, passionate bum.”
    • 2010, R. Scott Bakker, Neuropath, chapter 12?
      ‘Smart-ass, know-it-all, arrogant pricks, with their terrorist sympathies, their hobosexual neighbors — ’
      Bum fuckers! Fags!’
  3. A person of an unkempt appearance (antonymous with metrosexual).
    • 2010, Danita Carter, Murder in the Hamptons, page 277
      “You mean the hobosexual looking dude? Looks like somebody shook him up in a bag, and then tossed him out?”
      Madison giggled. “That’s funny, where did you get hobosexual from?”
      “Judging from the looks of him, he surely isn’t meticulous about his looks like a metrosexual.”

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