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Alternative forms[edit]


From the verb hoke (to give an artificial feel to), from hokum.



hokey (comparative hokier, superlative hokiest)

  1. (US, colloquial) phony, as if a hoax; noticeably contrived; of obviously flimsy credibility or quality
    • When asked for his book report, Chad came up a series of hokier and hokier excuses, until he finally admitted that he hadn’t done it at all.
    • I thought the bargain-priced windshield wiper blades were a little hokey when I saw their cheap packaging, but when they flew off the end of the wiper during a rainstorm, I knew for sure.
  2. (US, colloquial) corny; overly or unbelievably sentimental
    • Terry hated going to the cinema with Pat, as Pat always chose hokey romantic comedies that made Terry want to gag.


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