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From Middle High German vals (rarer valsch), borrowed from Old French fals, from Latin falsus.

The form with final -sch goes back to Middle Dutch valsch, itself a variant of vals, formed by analogy (or hypercorrection) when word-final -s and -sch had become homophonous in many dialects of Middle Dutch. This form has prevailed in German because it is in line with the (significantly older) verb fälschen, whose -sch- is original.


  • IPA(key): /falʃ/, [fälʃ], [fältʃ]
  • (file)


falsch (strong nominative masculine singular falscher, comparative (rare) falscher, superlative (uncommon) am falschesten)

  1. false, unfactual, untrue
    Synonym: unwahr
    Antonyms: wahr, wahrhaftig
    eine falsche Beschuldigung
    a false accusation
  2. wrong (incorrect)
    Synonyms: verkehrt, inkorrekt
    Antonyms: richtig, korrekt
    eine falsche Antwort
    a wrong answer
  3. wrong (disadvantageous)
    Synonyms: verkehrt, ungünstig
    Antonyms: richtig, günstig
    eine falsche Entscheidung
    a wrong decision
  4. (chiefly predicative) wrong (immoral)
    Es ist falsch, sowas zu tun.
    It is wrong to do such a thing.
  5. fake, forged
    Synonyms: unecht, gefälscht
    Antonym: echt
    ein falscher Geldschein
    a counterfeit banknote
    eine falsche Blondine
    a fake blonde
  6. untruthful, perfidious
    sein falsches Getue
    his perfidious ways


Derived terms[edit]

Related terms[edit]


  • Czech: faleš
  • Polish: fałsz
  • Romanian: falș
  • Russian: фальшь (falʹšʹ)

Further reading[edit]

  • falsch” in Duden online
  • falsch” in Digitales Wörterbuch der deutschen Sprache



falsch (masculine falschen, neuter falscht, comparative méi falsch, superlative am falschsten)

  1. false, untrue
  2. wrong