holiday season

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holiday season (plural holiday seasons)

  1. (US, Canada) The period of the late fall and early winter when several holidays occur, such as Halloween, American Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's Day, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa
    What are your plans for the holiday season?
  2. (British) A period in the summer when people go on holiday (vacation).
    • 2023 March 8, Howard Johnston, “Was Marples the real railway wrecker?”, in RAIL, number 978, pages 52–53:
      Was it deliberate that the first week of October 1961 was chosen to conduct a national survey of passenger usage? Why October of all months, when the holiday season was over and families back at work and at school? Was this a fiddling of the figures to make an unfair case against rail-dependent resorts such as those in the West Country, Norfolk, Lincolnshire and East Yorkshire, where previously overloaded summer services would now only have a handful of locals on board?


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