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holo- +‎ deck, coined in the television series Star Trek: The Next Generation.


holodeck (plural holodecks)

  1. (science fiction) A room that provides holographic simulations for recreation, training, etc.
    • 1999, Annette Kuhn, Alien Zone II: The Spaces of Science-fiction Cinema:
      [] the fact that science-fiction film, and indeed much — if not most — contemporary film, has become a technology on the way to somewhere else, whether that goal turns out to be immersive, interactive, or some holodeck-style fusion of the two.
    • 2002, Kay M Stanney, Handbook of virtual environments:
      Building a holodeck will require breakthroughs in sensors, robotics, and mechanical interfaces []
    • 2007, Fritz Allhoff, Patrick Lin, James Moor, Nanoethics
      In such a world, would one want to be hooked up to a pleasure machine or live on a holodeck?