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home +‎ -ful


homeful (comparative more homeful, superlative most homeful)

  1. (dated) Homely; cosy.
    • 1905, Edward Payson Powell, The orchard and fruit garden
      Let them stand in groups or groves, with walks and drives convenient to the house. A house planted like this has a homeful atmosphere, that will keep the young folks at home, and establish attachments that will not be easily broken.
  2. (rare, not comparable) Having a place to live; not homeless.
    • 1991, Gregg Barak, Gimme shelter: a social history of homelessness in contemporary America
      Without a meaningful place to live, the homeless are less involved and certainly less committed than the homeful and the victimizers.

Derived terms[edit]


homeful (usually uncountable, plural homefuls)

  1. As much as a home can hold.
    • 1981, Harry Vernon Anderson, Interior design: Volume 52
      A homeful of music - total remote control access from any room - wireless installation - complete compatibility. These are just a few of the exciting features of the Steremote high fidelity remote control system.