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hooligan +‎ -ie


  • IPA(key): /ˈhuːli/
  • (file)


hoolie (plural hoolies)

  1. (slang) A hooligan.
    • 2004, Geoff Harvey, Vanessa Strowger, Rivals: The Off-Beat Guide to the 92 League Clubs:
      In the last published figures for Level Two, The Posh clocked up enough arrests to place them in the top five for hoolie problems for the division, putting them in the same dubious bracket as Stoke and Cardiff.
    • 2012, P.R. Prendergast, Dancing in the Dark:
      Not the students and not the teachers and certainly not the hoolies, 'hoolie' being short for 'hooligan', Richie Robinson at the helm.
  2. A very strong wind.
    • 2012, Rosalind James, Bertie Rides Again, page 33:
      Bertie held mum's hand tightly as the wind was by now blowing a hoolie and Bertie did not feel very safe as he felt that he was close to being blown off his paws on more than one occasion.
    • 2012, Andy Lear, The Joys of Yachting, page 17:
      We have all felt queasy (at best) when the wind and tide are battling it out in a hoolie and got cold, wet and miserable.
    • 2014, Mike Smith, Ships 'n Boats 'n Tales Afloat, page 66:
      The weather was fine when we first went in but unfortunately it started blowing a 'hoolie' in the evening.
  3. (Scotland) A celebration.
    • 1830, Anne Katharine Curteis Elwood, Narrative of a Journey Overland from England, page 229:
      At the Hoolie or Spring Festival, which happened in March, the Sepoys came round in procession, and exhibited anautch for our amusement in front of our bungalow, and a sort of play, the performers enacting the part of wild beasts.
    • 2010, Andrew Greig, At the Loch of the Green Corrie:
      'A right damn wild hoolie!' a well-oiled friend enthused.
    • 2015, Kevin Maher, Last Night on Earth:
      Indeed, our Recording Date was only yesterday and, thanks to a myriad of ongoing so-called technical 'snafus' (more media lingo - you'll get used to it!), we didn't leave the studio (get me, eh?!) until one in the morning, after which our presenters, Jiz and Liz, were in a right fouler, so we all piled back to Jane's gaff for champagne on tap and a wild sort of hoolie that had cocaine and everything, although when Jiz, who's a gas man, took out the baggies of coke and started spilling it around, I had to give Shauna a right decent reef on the arm, because I could feel she wanted to lunge for the stuff, and so I had to make it very clear to her that I had seen enough episodes of Miami Vice to know the kind of godforsaken roads you go down when you start messing with the Peruvian marching powder.