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hop it (third-person singular simple present hops it, present participle hopping it, simple past and past participle hopped it)

  1. (slang) To leave; to go away.
    • 1918, Private John A. Scott, “A Prisoner of War”, in The Saturday Evening Post, 15 June 1918, page 28:
      It has been rather misty for several mornings, so I told my pal to get ready and we would hop it the next day.
    • 1952, Charlotte Jay, Beat Not the Bones, Wakefield Press (2000), →ISBN, page 13:
      [] But when the others found out about it they got a bit restive, and I had to hop it. One of them pitched a spear at me. []
    • 2003, Stephen Walton, Interference, Lulu (2007), →ISBN, page 160:
      Alan popped round too at lunchtime but I politely told him to hop it and call back later. He was a bit miffed but three was definitely a crowd.