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go away!

  1. (dismissal) Command asking someone to leave one alone.
    Go away, stop annoying me!

Derived terms[edit]



go away (third-person singular simple present goes away, present participle going away, simple past went away, past participle gone away)

  1. To depart or leave a place.
    I'm not going to buy it. Please go away and don't come back.
    • 1899, Hughes Mearns, Antigonish:
      Yesterday, upon the stair / I met a man who wasn’t there / He wasn’t there again today / I wish, I wish he’d go away …
  2. To travel somewhere, especially on holiday or vacation.
    Are you going away this year?
  3. To become invisible, vanish or disappear.
    As you get closer the haze goes away.
    This cold just won't go away.


Derived terms[edit]


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