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From Latin partiō (to divide), from pars (part).


  • IPA(key): /parˈ
  • Rhymes: -ire
  • Hyphenation: par‧tì‧re
  • (file)


partìre (first-person singular present pàrto, first-person singular past historic partìi, past participle partìto, auxiliary essere) (intransitive)

  1. to depart; to leave; to set forth
    Synonyms: allontanarsi, andarsene, assentarsi, muoversi, avviarsi
  2. to get moving; to seize on (a task); to go for
    Synonyms: prendere il via, mettersi in movimento
    i soldati partirono all'attacco
    the soldiers seized on the attack
  3. to start (initiate a vehicle)
    Synonyms: avviarsi, mettersi in funzione
    l'auto non partethe car is not starting
  4. to begin; to start
    Synonyms: iniziare, cominciare, decorrere; see also Thesaurus:iniziare
    a partire da domanistarting tomorrow
    iniziamo la storia partendo dal lunedì
    let's begin the story by starting on Monday
  5. to jump or fly away, take off
    Synonyms: uscire, scappare, schizzare
    il tappo del spumante partì di soprassalto
    the champagne cork jumped away suddenly
    L'aero parte alle 10
    The plane takes off at 10
  6. (transitive with da) to originate or be derived (from)
    Synonyms: derivare, provenire, avere origine
    la nuova teoria parte da solide premesse
    the new theory originates from solid premises
  7. (transitive with da) (of a voice, yell, etc.) to be emitted (from)
    un'urla partì dal assembramento
    a yell was emitted from the gathering (of people)
  8. (transitive with da) to branch out (from)
    dalla piazza partono quattro strade
    four streets branch out from the piazza
  9. (informal) to lose control of oneself, especially because of alcohol
    Synonyms: perdere il controllo, ubriacarsi
  10. (informal, by extension) to fall in love
    Synonym: innamorarsi
  11. (informal) (of a mechanism, etc.) to break
    Synonyms: rompersi, guastarsi



partìre (first-person singular present pàrto or partìsco, first-person singular past historic partìi, past participle partìto, auxiliary avere) (transitive, archaic, literary)

  1. to divide; to cut; to separate
    Synonyms: dividere, tagliare, separare
  2. (of geographic entities) to run through
  3. to draw further away
    Synonym: allontanare
  4. to share
    Synonym: condividere


Related terms[edit]





  1. second-person singular present active indicative/imperative of partior
  2. inflection of partiō:
    1. present active infinitive
    2. second-person singular present passive imperative/indicative