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allontanarsi (da)

  1. reflexive of allontanare
  2. to go away, go off, leave
    Synonyms: andarsene, partire, staccarsi, scostarsi, discostarsi, traslocare, emigrare, appartarsi, estraniarsi
    allontanarsi dalla rivato go away from the shore
    allontanarsi dal paeseto leave the country
    allontanarsi dal muroto distance oneself from the wall
  3. to be absent
    Synonym: assentarsi
  4. to stop frequenting (a place)
    allontanarsi dal barto stop frequenting the bar
  5. to stop seeing somebody; to lose touch; to distance oneself
    Synonyms: discostarsi, stancarsi, stufarsi, disamorarsi
    allontanarsi dalla famigliato lose touch with one's family
    allontanarsi da luito stop seeing him
  6. (figuratively, by extension) to stray, deviate