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hoplology +‎ -ist


hoplologist (plural hoplologists)

  1. Someone who is an expert in weapons and armour (especially military uses or knowledge thereof).
    • 1952, Maurice Walsh, "The Hoplologist", Chambers's Journal, November 1952:
      There was, however, one notorious weapon that he had not got, and that he, or any hoplologist the world over, would give half his collection to possess.
    • 1978, Play, Anthropological Perspectives, Leisure Press (1978), page 72:
      Hoplologists classify these systems according to the weapon/principle/agent used: bladed, stick/staff, projectile, composite and auxiliary systems.
    • 2008, Nick Jamilla, Sword Fighting in the Star Wars Universe: Historical Origins, Style and Philosophy, McFarland & Company (2008), →ISBN, page 117:
      Instead of focusing on the sword's interaction with defensive armor and the military culture that trained soldiers in the art of swordsmanship, curators and hoplologists alike endlessly emphasize the evolution of the hilt and the blade or the sword's role in courtly fashion as parade and dress accessories.
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