hors de combat

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Borrowed from French hors de combat, which is obsolete in contemporary French.


hors de combat (not comparable)

  1. (literary) out of action; disabled; no longer able to fight
    • 1837, Letitia Elizabeth Landon, Ethel Churchill, volume 2, page 191:
      We have no influence but by our influence over those called our masters; how do we acquire that influence? By flattering a man's vanity, and by playing on his hopes and fears! These are all put hors de combat in marriage.
    • 1940 November, “Notes and News: Railway Operation Ad Lib”, in Railway Magazine, page 612:
      Non-operating revenue for the day included the collection of $50 for the repair of engine No. 9, which at the time—early August—was hors de combat.



Compare Portuguese fora de combate (out of action; disabled; no longer able to fight).



hors de combat (invariable)

  1. (law) hors de combat