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Borrowed from Serbo-Croatian Хрват (hrvat), from *hurva (mountain); cf. Russian хребет (xrebet, mountain range). The original meaning was thus “highlander, mountaineer.”[1] A different opinion is that this may be a non-Slavic, possible Germanic or Iranian, word.




horvāts m (1st declension, feminine form: horvātiete)

  1. a (male) Croatian, a man from Croatia or of Croatian descent
    horvāti ir nācija, kas pieder pie dienvidslāvu tautu grupasthe Croatians are a nation that belongs to the South Slavic group
    par “Valmieras” galveno treneri klūst horvāts Zorans Kalpičsthe Croat Zoran Kalpić has become the main coach of the “Valmieras” team
  2. (genitive plural) Croatian, pertaining to Croatia and its people
    horvātu valodathe Croatian language
    horvātu tautas mūzikaCroatian folk music
    horvātu mīklasCroatian pastry


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