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A borrowing from Serbo-Croatian Хрват (hrvat), from *hurva (mountain); cf. Russian хребет (xrebet, mountain range). The original meaning was thus “highlander, mountaineer.”[1] A different opinion is that this may be a non-Slavic, possible Germanic or Iranian, word.




horvāts m (1st declension, feminine form: horvātiete)

  1. a (male) Croatian, a man from Croatia or of Croatian descent
    horvāti ir nācija, kas pieder pie dienvidslāvu tautu grupas — the Croatians are a nation that belongs to the South Slavic group
    par “Valmieras” galveno treneri klūst horvāts Zorans Kalpičs — the Croat Zoran Kalpić has become the main coach of the “Valmieras” team
  2. (genitive plural) Croatian, pertaining to Croatia and its people
    horvātu valoda — the Croatian language
    horvātu tautas mūzikaCroatian folk music
    horvātu mīklasCroatian pastry


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