hot to trot

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Alternative forms[edit]


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hot to trot

  1. (idiomatic) Eager to begin; anxious to get going.
    • 1986, James Kelly, "Shifting the Attack on Leaks," Time, 19 May,
      At the moment, Justice Department lawyers are cool to the idea. "We're not hot to trot on this thing," says one Justice official.
  2. (idiomatic) Eager for sexual activity.
    • 2008, Jim DeRogatis, "Madonna reigns supreme with tasty 'Hard Candy'," Chicago Sun-Times, 25 Apr. (retrieved 3 May, 2008),
      She's nowhere close to relinquishing her crown as the queen of dance-pop—or abandoning her favorite role as pop music's most hot-to-trot coquette.

Usage notes[edit]

The spelling hot to trot is often used when this adjectival expression follows the noun or pronoun it modifies and hot-to-trot is often used when the term precedes the noun.