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hot up (third-person singular simple present hots up, present participle hotting up, simple past and past participle hotted up)

  1. To heat up:
    1. (Britain, Ireland) To increase in temperature.
      Wait for the water to hot up before adding the salt.
      I hotted up my scones.
    2. (UK, Ireland, informal) To become more heated.
      The choice of a new leader hots up.
      Bayern München hotted up the title race with a win.
    3. (UK, Ireland, informal) To make or become more sexually appealing, enticing or exciting.
      • 1997, Theatre Record, volume 17, numbers 18-26, page 1644:
        We move to Twankey's launderette, where the Aladdin/Bathroomdoor romance hots up.
      • 2001, Sayan Chatterjee, It all adds up to love, page 40:
        Arvind and Shiela's romance hotted up.


  • (to increase in temperature): heat up
  • (to make more sexually appealing): sex up


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