hot water heater

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Alternative forms[edit]


hot water heater ‎(plural hot water heaters)

  1. An apparatus, usually fuel burning, electric or solar powered, in which water is heated to be used directly as domestic hot water or process hot water (but not for supplying space heating, calorifiers etc, for which a boiler or furnace is used).
    • 1977, Kaiman Lee, Encyclopedia of Energy-Efficient Building Design: 391 Practical Case Studies:
      This [warm-air heated] house has a supplemental electric hot water heater and an oil furnace.
    • 2003, Blair Allen, Julie Jones Lloyd Kahn, Septic System Owner's Manual:
      This system has an insulated 5-gallon electric hot water heater directly under the sink.
    • 2004, Black & Decker, The Complete Photo Guide To Home Repair:
      It's a good idea to insulate at least the first ten feet of the hot- and cold-water lines coming out of the hot water heater.
    • 2004, Mohammad A Malek, Power Boiler Design, Inspection, and Repair:
      A hot water heater is a potable water boiler in which the operating pressure does not exceed 160 psi and/or temperature does not exceed 210 °F.


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