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From Middle English houndisch, equivalent to hound +‎ -ish. Compare German hündisch (houndish; doglike).


houndish (comparative more houndish, superlative most houndish)

  1. Like, pertaining to, or characteristic of a hound; doggish; canine.
    • 1897, Richard Wagner, Religion and art:
      This the "free" burgher of our Civilisation calls "houndish fidelity," with a contemptuous accent on the "hound."
    • 1994, Jack Lovejoy, Outworld Cats:
      [...] houndish face was anything but memorable, yet Verna felt certain she had seen it somewhere before. "Delfred! Delfred! Delfred! Woof! Woof! Woof!" continued the chant outside the garden wall.
    • 2008, Jeffrey Overstreet, Cyndere's Midnight:
      Long strings of yellow dangled from Jorn's houndish snout, and his eyes were red.
    • 2010, Gregory Maguire, Mirror Mirror:
      Lucrezia laughed, a houndish laugh, almost a baying.

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