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From hug +‎ -some.


hugsome (comparative more hugsome, superlative most hugsome)

  1. Characterised or marked by hugging
    • 1933, Malinda Plunkett Jenkins, Jesse Lilienthal, Gambler's wife:
      She was a hugsome lass; quiet enough to start in, but awful jumpy when she got going.
    • 1948, Henry Castor, The Spanglers:
      Don't you want to save your country, pro patria and ora pro nobis as the old I-talians used to say, and knock the eyes out of all the hugsome hussies with your uniform?
    • 1975, The revenge of Moriarty:
      I understand that one of the hugsome wenches down there is of a mind to have you at the grindstone 'ere long.'