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human +‎ -iform


humaniform (comparative more humaniform, superlative most humaniform)

  1. Like a human or that of a human in form or appearance.
    • 1910, Lockhart Brooks Farrar, The Eternity of Matter: A Series of Discussions
      The meaning of the word God or its equivalent in any other word, has been developed first from man's physical nature and wants, then from his intellectual. And has been all the time changing from the definite, visible, tangible, audible and humaniform, and plural, to the solitary, invisible, intangible, inaudible, and to the too indefinite for exact expression....
    • 1983, Isaac Asimov, The Robots of Dawn
      Darcy frowned slightly as he studied the robot. It was a new model, a little more humaniform than the older models were.
    • 1988, Vernor Vinge, The Blabber
      We did our best with the humaniform medical equipment that was available.



humaniform (plural humaniforms)

  1. (science fiction) A robot resembling a human.