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From hyper- +‎ ellipse.


hyperellipse (plural hyperellipses)

  1. (geometry) A superellipse: a curve in two dimensions of a certain type, a generalization of the ellipse.
    • 2003, M. M. Yovanovich and E. E. Marotta, "Thermal Spreading and Contact Resistances", chapter 4 of Adrian Bejan and Allan D. Kraus (editors), Heat Transfer Handbook, Wiley-IEEE, →ISBN, page 286:
      The hyperellipse is defined by (x/a)n + (y/b)n = 1 with b ≤ a, where n is the shape parameter and a and b are the axes along the x and y axes, respectively.
  2. (geometry) Specifically, a superellipse with an exponent (shape parameter) greater than that of the ellipse (two).
  3. (geometry) A multi-dimensional manifold of a certain type, a generalization of the ellipse and ellipsoid.
    • 2008, Dipankar Dasgupta and Luis Fernando Niño, Immunological Computation: Theory and Applications, CRC Press, →ISBN, page 97:
      This algorithm extends the model of RNS by incorporating multiple hypershape (hypersphere, hyperrectangle, or hyperellipse) detector representation in the unit hypercube [0, 1]n (Balachandran et al., 2007).