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Alternative forms[edit]


hyper- +‎ regulate



hyperregulate (third-person singular simple present hyperregulates, present participle hyperregulating, simple past and past participle hyperregulated)

  1. Regulate to an excessive degree; stifle with a plethora of rules.
    • 2000: United States Congress House Committee on the Judiciary, Internet Freedom Act and Internet Growth and Development Act of 1999: Hearing Before the Committee on the Judiciary, House of Representatives, One Hundred Sixth Congress, First Session, on H.R. 1686 and H.R. 1685, part 2, page 48 (United States Government Printing Office)
      If the FCC truly believes there are going to be plenty of broadband options soon, a “no-opoly,” why is the FCC planning to hyperregulate the local telcos' DSL spectrum and DSL offerings?
    • 2005: Maryfrances Ruth Porter, The Exploration of Mechanisms Linking Adolescent Attachment Organization and Friendship Competence, page 12 (University of Virginia)
      Teens with insecure-dismissing states of mind, as well as those who hyperregulate/deactivate their attachment system and defensively exclude […]
    • 2008: Gregory S. Parks [ed.], Julianne Malveaux [foreword], and Marc Morial [afterword], Black Greek-Letter Organizations in the Twenty-First Century: Our Fight Has Just Begun, page 331 (University Press of Kentucky; ISBN 9780813124919
      These nonblack members are trying to synthesize the tension of an anti-discrimination logic, a multicultural yearning for diversity, and a simultaneous defense of BGLOs’ core “blackness”. How do the multicultural nationalists navigate this tricky terrain? They hyperregulate other nonblack aspirants’ access to their BGLOs.
  2. (biology) To regulate (salt content etc) to a greater than normal degree

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