igaza van

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From the adjective (here: noun) igaz (true/truth) +‎ -a (possessive suffix) +‎ van (to have).



igaza van

  1. (idiomatic) to be right (to be correct in one's judgment or statement about something)
    Antonyms: téved, nincs igaza

Usage notes[edit]

If the person involved is emphasized, this logical subject can be expressed with -nak/-nek:

Nem neked van igazad, hanem neki.It is not you who is right, but him (or her).


  • For the verb, see van. Its negation is formed in the present tense with nincs, which precedes the “igaza” element.
  • The noun takes the appropriate possessive suffix according to the logical subject of the sentence: igazam, igazad, igaza, igazunk, igazatok, igazuk.