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Alternative forms[edit]


illegal +‎ -ize or il- +‎ legalize



illegalize (third-person singular simple present illegalizes, present participle illegalizing, simple past and past participle illegalized)

  1. To make illegal; to prohibit by law, to criminalize. [from 19th c.]
    • 2000, Lois Bibbings, Donald Nicolson, Feminist Perspectives on Criminal Law, p. 111:
      Only as recently as 1991 was the rape by a husband of his wife illegalised.
    • 2002, David Evans, A History of Nature Conservation in Britain, p. 47:
      A 1908 Act illegalised the teagle, a particularly nasty snare of baited hooks joined by strings which was put out to attract birds during hard weather.
    • 2013, A Scott Berg, Wilson, Berkley 2014, p. 41:
      Although slavery had been illegalized by 1870, fundamental prejudice could not be legislated away.


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