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in- +‎ apprehension


inapprehension (uncountable)

  1. (rare) Failure to notice; failure to be aware of; lack of apprehension.
    • 1844, Edgar Allan Poe, "The Purloined Letter":
      These, like the over-largely lettered signs and placards of the street, escape observation by dint of being excessively obvious; and here the physical oversight is precisely analogous with the moral inapprehension by which the intellect suffers to pass unnoticed those considerations which are too obtrusively and too palpably self-evident.
    • 1909, Raphael Sabatini, St Martin's Summer (2008 edition), →ISBN, p. 29:
      He paled a little, and sucked his lip, his eyes wandering to the girl, who stood in stolid inapprehension of what was being said.
    • 1966, Paul J. Sharits, "Red, Blue, Godard," Film Quarterly, vol. 19, no. 4, p. 27:
      Camile is naturally disgusted with Paul but he doesn't seem to apprehend her reason—it is this inapprehension of the obvious which creates the tension.