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Etymology 1[edit]

in +‎ fill


infill (third-person singular simple present infills, present participle infilling, simple past and past participle infilled)

  1. To fill in a space, hole or gap.
  2. To rededicate land in an urban environment to new construction.


infill (plural infills)

  1. That which fills in a space, hole or gap.
    • 2020 July 15, “Rail freight sector demands Government commitment”, in Rail, page 10:
      Government needs to provide certainty to the rail freight industry with infill electrification programmes [...]. "First, it's about Government committing to infill electrification so we can do things with the locomotives we already have, and then a rolling plan of electrification."
  2. (cosmetics) The redecoration of a fingernail or toenail after it has grown, to prevent an unsightly gap.

Etymology 2[edit]

Apparently by shortening.



  1. (uncommon, especially military) Infiltration, the act of going into a place.
    • 1991, John Leppelman, Blood on the risers: an airborne soldier's thirty-five months in Vietnam:
      Hinton and I were briefed at the TOC and received maps of our AO to memorize and mark with codes for the primary and secondary LZs for infill and exfill.
    • 2011, Brett Newman, Detroit Convention Center: A Design Process and Typological Study:
      Pedestrian infill/exfill from Atwater Street