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inside-out (not comparable)

  1. (rare, obsolete) Synonym of sidelong.
    • 1850 May, The New Monthly Magazine & Humourist, p. 111:
      ...with a nudge of the elbow, and an inside-out squint of his eyes...
  2. With the inner and outer surfaces reversed.
    Antonym: right-side-out
    • 1893 May, Temple Bar, p. 31:
      These curious gloves... have two thumbs, so that by an inside-out process they can get another pair of gloves when the palm becomes worn out.
    • 1932 April, Michigan Technic, p. 6:
      This force is all that prevents the blades from pointing straight up like an inside-out umbrella.
    • 2009 September 7, The New Yorker, p. 25:
      Brian Rosenworcel... was wearing gray Crocs and an inside-out T-shirt.
  3. (tennis) Describing cross-court shots made by the unexpected hand, as of a backhand return of a ball struck to the player's forehand.
    • 1977 March 15, The Washington Post, p. D5:
      ...cracking an ‘inside-out’ backhand past Rahim on the set point...
    • 2014 July 2, The Daily Telegraph, Sports Sect., p. 6:
      Kyrgios hits a thumping inside-out forehand to Raonic's weaker wing, the backhand.


  • (with reversed inner & outer surfaces): extroverted (medical)


inside-out (not comparable)

  1. Alternative form of inside out