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inter- +‎ -nym Coined by Madeleine Page in the Internet newsgroup alt.folklore.urban.


internym (plural internyms)

  1. (Internet) A phrase or epithet, particularly one intended to be witty, inserted in quotation marks between one's first and last names—or elsewhere by or in one's name, if this is not possible—at the end of a post.
    • 1997, Madeleine Page in alt.folklore.urban [1]
      Madeleine "why don't we just call the damn thing the "internym"?" Page
    • 1997, Madeleine Page in alt.folklore.urban [2]
      Madeleine "internym goes here" Page
    • 1998, Rick Denney, in [3]
      I'm experimenting with the internym after seeing it so artfully used by others on other newsgroups.
    • 2005, Michael Kuettner in alt.folklore.urban [4]
      Michael "please destroy that message after reading[5]" Kuettner[6]
      [5] This internym was inserted by the NSA to discredit [1]