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From Latin interspersus.


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intersperse (third-person singular simple present intersperses, present participle interspersing, simple past and past participle interspersed)

  1. To mix two things irregularly, placing things of one kind among things of other:
    • 1991, Frank Biocca, Television and Political Advertising: Signs, codes, and images, page 76:
      For example, a commercial sequence might intersperse pictures of a senator working in his office with shots of ordinary Americans happily working in various walks of life.
  2. (transitive) To scatter or insert something into or among other things.
    • 1985, Jane Y. Murdock, Barbara V. Hartmann, Communication and language intervention program (CLIP) for individuals with moderate to severe handicaps, page 46:
      Review tasks are particularly useful to intersperse when students are experiencing considerable failure.
    • 2014, James Lambert, “Diachronic stability in Indian English lexis”, in World Englishes, page 116:
      Goffin is a prose text interspersed with short lists of typical terms exemplifying certain sub-classes of Indian English lexis.
  3. (transitive) To diversify by placing or inserting other things among something.
    • Mother Nature interspersed the petunias with a few dandelions, but it was a pretty garden, anyway.

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