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introjection (countable and uncountable, plural introjections)

  1. (psychology) The process whereby the ideas of another are unconsciously incorporated into one's own psyche.
    • 2014, Volker Meja, ‎Nico Stehr, Knowledge and Politics:
      Sometimes the attempt was made to reduce the inner to the outer world (Condillac, Mach, Avenarius, materialism); sometimes the outer to the inner world (Descartes, Berkeley, Fichte); sometimes the sphere of the absolute to the others (e.g., by trying to infer causally the essence and existence of something divine in general); [] ; sometimes the general differentiation of subject and object to pregivenness of the co- or 'fellow-man', to whom an environmental element—as, for instance, 'this tree' — is supposed to be introjected, followed by subsequent introjection by the observer to himself (Avenarius); sometimes one's own body to a merely associative coordination of the self-perception of the own self and organ sensations with the own body as perceived from outside.


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introjection f (plural introjections)

  1. introjection

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