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See also: in vitro and in-vitro



Blend of invite +‎ intro



invitro (plural invitros)

  1. (demoscene) An intro that provides details of a forthcoming demoparty to which viewers are invited.
    • 1996, "John Bus", Amiga Domain - An Aussie Scene Party! (on newsgroup alt.sys.amiga.demos)
      This party will have it all for the Amiga scener: demos, competitions, dealers, and huge projection screen and sound system to entertain you. [] And keep an eye out for the DA official party invitro, to be released in a month or two's time.
    • 2001, "Egbert Teeselink", Ready to use Demosystem libraries (was: Re: DemoGL v1.3 Final released) (on newsgroup
      since when should all invitations be executables? :P
      anyway, the sf2k invitro should be looked at as a demo, just like the VIP2 invitro, for instance