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jalo (noble) +‎ haukka (hawk)



  1. A bird of prey of the taxonomic family Falconidae, which includes eleven genera of falcons, falconets and caracaras.
  2. A bird of the genus Falco within the family Falconidae, which includes falcons, kestrels, hobbies, and the merlin.
  3. In plural (jalohaukat) the family Falconidae or the genus Falco.

Usage notes[edit]

To avoid the obvious possibility for confusion the genus Falco may also be called aitojalohaukat (true falcons). The other genera in the family Falconidae are called:


Inflection of jalohaukka (Kotus type 9/kala, kk-k gradation)
nominative jalohaukka jalohaukat
genitive jalohaukan jalohaukkojen
partitive jalohaukkaa jalohaukkoja
illative jalohaukkaan jalohaukkoihin
singular plural
nominative jalohaukka jalohaukat
accusative nom. jalohaukka jalohaukat
gen. jalohaukan
genitive jalohaukan jalohaukkojen
partitive jalohaukkaa jalohaukkoja
inessive jalohaukassa jalohaukoissa
elative jalohaukasta jalohaukoista
illative jalohaukkaan jalohaukkoihin
adessive jalohaukalla jalohaukoilla
ablative jalohaukalta jalohaukoilta
allative jalohaukalle jalohaukoille
essive jalohaukkana jalohaukkoina
translative jalohaukaksi jalohaukoiksi
instructive jalohaukoin
abessive jalohaukatta jalohaukoitta
comitative jalohaukkoineen
Possessive forms of jalohaukka (type kala)
possessor singular plural
1st person jalohaukkani jalohaukkamme
2nd person jalohaukkasi jalohaukkanne
3rd person jalohaukkansa

Derived terms[edit]