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  • IPA(key): [ˈjɑlo̞]
  • Hyphenation: ja‧lo


jalo (comparative jalompi, superlative jaloin)

  1. noble
  2. fine


Inflection of jalo (Kotus type 1/valo, no gradation)
nominative jalo jalot
genitive jalon jalojen
partitive jaloa jaloja
illative jaloon jaloihin
singular plural
nominative jalo jalot
accusative nom. jalo jalot
gen. jalon
genitive jalon jalojen
partitive jaloa jaloja
inessive jalossa jaloissa
elative jalosta jaloista
illative jaloon jaloihin
adessive jalolla jaloilla
ablative jalolta jaloilta
allative jalolle jaloille
essive jalona jaloina
translative jaloksi jaloiksi
instructive jaloin
abessive jalotta jaloitta
comitative jaloineen

Derived terms[edit]




  1. First-person singular (yo) present indicative form of jalar.



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Inflection of jalo
nominative sing. jalo
genitive sing. jalon
partitive sing. jalod
partitive plur. jaloid
singular plural
nominative jalo jalod
accusative jalon jalod
genitive jalon jaloiden
partitive jalod jaloid
essive-instructive jalon jaloin
translative jaloks jaloikš
inessive jalos jaloiš
elative jalospäi jaloišpäi
illative  ? jaloihe
adessive jalol jaloil
ablative jalolpäi jaloilpäi
allative jalole jaloile
abessive jalota jaloita
comitative jalonke jaloidenke
prolative jalodme jaloidme
approximative I jalonno jaloidenno
approximative II jalonnoks jaloidennoks
egressive jalonnopäi jaloidennopäi
terminative I  ? jaloihesai
terminative II jalolesai jaloilesai
terminative III jalossai
additive I  ? jaloihepäi
additive II jalolepäi jaloilepäi


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