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  1. iamb


Inflection of jambi (Kotus type 5/risti, no gradation)
nominative jambi jambit
genitive jambin jambien
partitive jambia jambeja
illative jambiin jambeihin
singular plural
nominative jambi jambit
accusative nom. jambi jambit
gen. jambin
genitive jambin jambien
partitive jambia jambeja
inessive jambissa jambeissa
elative jambista jambeista
illative jambiin jambeihin
adessive jambilla jambeilla
ablative jambilta jambeilta
allative jambille jambeille
essive jambina jambeina
translative jambiksi jambeiksi
instructive jambein
abessive jambitta jambeitta
comitative jambeineen
Possessive forms of jambi (type risti)
possessor singular plural
1st person jambini jambimme
2nd person jambisi jambinne
3rd person jambinsa



In all likelihood from a contraction of jagħmel bi, from the imperfect tense of Arabic عَمِلَ بِ(ʿamila bi, to do with), as in “What are you going to do with that?” Similar contractions compare in jaf (to know) and ġab (to bring). Another theory derives it from Arabic أَبَّ(ʾabba, to wish, desire), but this is less likely both phonetically and semantically.



jambi (imperfect only)

  1. (in certain constructions, always with x') to need, to use for some purpose
    Synonym: għandu bżonn
    Dan il-ktieb x’jambuh?
    What do they need this book for?
    M’għandix x’nambi iktar.
    There’s nothing else I need.


  • The verb is defective and has no perfect forms. The perfect tense can be expressed with kien + imperfect, though this is rare.

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