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jimp (comparative jimper, superlative jimpest)

  1. (dated, Scotland and N England) neat; trim; delicate
    Synonyms: slender, handsome, spruce, elegant
    • 1899, Neil Munro, Gilian the Dreamer[1], HTML edition, The Gutenberg Project, published 2007:
      Do I look so terrible old, Gilian, that you cannot think of me as not so bad-looking either, with a bonny eye, they said, and a jimp waist, and a foot like the honey-bee?
    • 1994, George MacDonald Fraser, Flashman and the Angel of the Lord, Reprint edition, HarperCollins, published 2011, →ISBN:
      … Annette was on hand, stony-eyed but mighty jimp in a gown that seemed to consist of flowers and gauze.
  2. (dated, Scotland and N England) scant; barely sufficient.


jimp (plural jimps)

  1. A notch on the spine of a knife blade to increase grip, usually in sets of three or more (jimping).
  2. Such a notch elsewhere on the knife (handle scales, liner lock, choil) for the same purpose (grippiness).

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